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And There Were Stars in Our Eyes
 - Petra Collins 


"Friendship is a fucking hassle."

someone told this pony about bronies.

I laughed at that comment for a solid 5 minutes.

Using tracer dye to track water flow patterns

Flowering Desert, Chile
The flowering desert is a climatic phenomenon that occurs in the Atacama Desert, known as the driest place in the world. The phenomenon consists of the blossoming of a wide variety of flowers between the months of September and November in years when rainfall is unusually high. The flowering desert involves more than 200 species of flower most of them endemic to the Atacama region.

It seems day 2 of #LFW #SS15 found its #streetstyle footing with these funky floral & animal print heels.
  • cis person: why do you have to label everything :( why can't we just all be people :( why do you have to make divides between us :(
  • cis person: also seriously tho are you a Boy or a Girl